“Life After COVID”
of Patients Survived the Infection

“Our individual and public health is our true wealth”

We fight to contain the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) surge and eradicate the disease.


We seek to improve the diagnostics and treatment of coronavirus infection survivors.


We work to overcome the divide, in any shape and form, in society at large stemming from this deadly and dreadful disease which, with no doubt at all – and for us personally, is bringing tumultuous, daily consequences and hardship.


We emerge from crises and uncertainty to find meaning and further heal, and towards growth in healthcare and economy at large.


We are committed to our perpetual campaign with newly mobilized energy and endless devotion.


Background of Our Resolution: The virus is merciless and knows no borders or continents, doesn’t respect human rules of law and doesn’t bow to volumes of money printed.


Irrespective of the world’s struggle to contain the virus, its insidious path hit 1 million deaths in 9 months only – remarkably in peace time. 33 million and counting were infected and over $12 trillion is the magnitude so far of economic cost and losses. Large and irreparable are the health consequences (1, 2, 3) – as we, the survivors, experience those daily – and hardship in all shape, form and size continuous. The severity and depth of medical, economic and cultural consequences are still difficult to assess though apparently returning to the normal life as we know it from before 2020 would be close to impossible. Now is the time to pivot. Let’s make smarter future and truly resilient sustainability.


Members of the Initiative: all people interested (full inclusiveness) to meet the mission; from heavy iconoclastic survivors such as cultural gurus, celebrated athletes, science pundits and high-flying politicians to, and most importantly, relatives and friends, doctors and saviors, and anyone who is aware and devoted to contribute and benefit.


All members are especially invited to consider the post-COVID world as a living laboratory of inspiration, scientific research and eternal exploration and source of discovery and creation.


Goals of the Initiative: to strike a lasting balance between containment and the gradual eradication of the pandemic, reducing its severity on one side and the plethora of restrictions on national level hindering the activity overall on the other side. No any divergence between medical side of alert levels and consequential treatment and the real/material side of reducing economic cost and preserving the economy should be allowed to sink the future.


Life After COVID’ is for improving and extending the life of patients that survived the infection while harnessing a very vivid focus on transforming the economy and economic life towards new level of sustainability and prosperity. Establishing and supporting a new agile approach to leadership in the post pandemic era of advanced digital transformation and data dominance is crucial in taking on the global health challenges. Promoting and empowering a real sustainability in modern hospital services, by keeping and recruiting star-doctors and bringing the necessary physical interaction at higher informational and rational levels is also key for ‘Life After COVID’ initiative.


Transparency of Financing: All donations are thoroughly reviewed at origination and stringently frugal at spending.