“Coronavirus is a tornado with a very long tail”

The term long-COVID (also known as ‘long-haul’ or ‘long-tail’) is one or a combination of long-lasting consequences that coronavirus survivors continue to experience in the long term (for longer than the official WHO-endorsed two week period, which is meant to be long enough for the virus to come and go). There is no exact medical definition of the condition, as the symptoms can vary significantly between different people.

Shortness of breath0%
Joint pain0%
Chest pain0%
Dry eyes/mouth0%
Runny nose0%
Loss of smell0%
Red eyes0%
Loss of taste0%

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“I don’t have a life, I currently have an existence.”

Covid is a tornado with a very long tail”: Richard Quest, the CNN business news star journalist, tells of his difficult battle against the coronavirus.


Practicing hand hygiene, correct cough etiquette, physical distancing and knowing your symptoms are among the main ways people can protect themselves from COVID-19. The creators of the Mr Bean animated character are lending their support to raise awareness on these simple yet essential measures to limit the infection.


“My fatigue was like nothing I’ve experienced before.”

Beyond the three NHS-approved symptoms – persistent cough, fever and loss of taste or smell, various other symptoms are to be included – fatigue, breathlessness, muscle aches, joint pain, ‘brain fog,’ memory loss, lack of concentration, and depression. According to the researchers from King’s College, one in 20 sufferers is experiencing COVID tail’ symptoms.