About us

Together we can shape a totally different world.


Dr. Ivaylo Doychinov graduated from the Pleven University with several specialties – internal medicine, cardiology and invasive cardiology. After recovering from severe COVID-19, he decided to establish, together with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov, the patients association “Life after COVID”.


Vice Chairman

Prof. Dr. Nikolay Dimitrov is a leading researcher, lecturer and head of the most state-of-the-art cardiac surgery and cardiology clinic in Bulgaria at the Heart and Brain Center of Excellence, which is working closely with the Cleveland Clinic, OH in the United States. He is a National Consultant in Cardiology in 2010-2012 and is a Doctor of Science.

Life After COVID

New Beginnings. Endless Possibilities.

We fight to contain the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) surge and eradicate the disease.


We seek to improve the diagnostics and treatment of coronavirus infection survivors.


We work to overcome the divide, in any shape and form, in society at large stemming from this deadly and dreadful disease which, with no doubt at all – and for us personally – is bringing tumultuous, daily consequences and hardship.


We emerge from crises and uncertainty to find meaning and further heal, and towards growth in healthcare and economy at large.


We are committed to our perpetual campaign with newly mobilized energy and endless devotion.


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” /Henry Ford/

All people interested (full inclusiveness) to meet the mission; from heavy iconoclastic survivors such as cultural gurus, celebrated athletes, science pundits and high-flying politicians to, and most importantly, relatives and friends, doctors and saviors, and anyone who is aware and devoted to contribute and benefit.


All members are especially invited to consider the post-COVID world as a living laboratory of inspiration, scientific research and eternal exploration and source of discovery and creation.
Anyone interested can join the initiative and contribute to its success – it is completely free and no membership fees are required.